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Mothers' Union

Mothers' Union Prayers for the sick

Once a month members of the Mothers’ Union meet to pray together for the work of the MU at Home and Abroad. Praying individually by name for each of the sick and troubled folk whose names have been requested and put up on the Notice Board in the Lady Chapelis a major part of the session.

This Notice Board is well used by St John’s congregation .Prayers are asked for on behalf of friends and family in need. Praying for the Healing of mind or body is a fundamental part of our churches’ ministry.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to follow up the outcome and requests remain on the Board for many months and more. If you have made a request in the past year or so, please check up and up-date it or remove it . If you have any recent information on any of the requests ,please add a note or tell someone .

No-one likes to remove requests, but this will have to be done in order to make more room.

In future ,it would be very helpful to the Praying Group if Prayer Requests could be Dated, Up-dated ,Removed when no longer required, and Signed if possible.

The Mother’s Union meet to pray for the sick in the Lady Chapel on the 3rd Monday in the month at 9.30am ---10am.(we finish with the Broadmoor siren!).Anyone would be very welcome to join us..