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Why every Christian needs a will

Making a will, and keeping it reasonably up-to-date, makes good financial sense for your family, friends and dependents as well as your own peace of mind. But it is also part of our Christian discipleship.

As Christians, the Bible teaches us about God’s overwhelming generosity to each one of us, especially in the gift of Jesus.   In his old age, King David organised a huge collection to fund the building of the new temple by the next generation:

Everything we have has come from you, and we give you only what you have already given us! We are here for only a moment, visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a shadow, gone so soon without a trace. O Lord our God, even these materials that we have gathered to build a temple to honour your holy name come from you! It all belongs to you!

1 Chron 29, 14-16

God provides all our wealth and possessions on loan, and expects us to enjoy them and be generous to others, particularly our families and those more needy than ourselves. Jesus said:

Give to Caesar what belongs to him. But everything that belongs to God must be given to God.

Matt 22, 21

Paul said:

Yet true religion with contentment is great wealth.  After all, we didn't bring anything with us when we came into the world, and we certainly cannot carry anything with us when we die.

1 Tim 6, 6

Many of us regard Christian giving as important, as much our response to God’s amazing generosity to us, as giving to pay the bills of our Church.  It’s part of our walk of faith.  Making decisions about what will happen to our money and possessions after our deaths is also an important part of our discipleship - making appropriate provision for our families and loved ones, choosing how to express our thanks to God, and expressing generosity by supporting the causes and concerns that are important to us.

Legacies enable us to fund specific items or projects at St John’s. We have benefitted with altar frontals, the kitchen water heater, the new heating system and the Garden of Remembrance, to name a few.

Copies of the Diocesan leaflet “How you can make a lasting difference to the work of your Church” are available on the table at the back of the hall. Please help yourself.

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