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Renovation and Repair Project

The newly installed heating system

 After a great deal of hard work , checking of minor detail, tweaking of the computer settings, radiator thermostatic control valves, scrutiny of detailed heating specifications, successful faculty approval, grant applications and many more issues......we hope you agree that we have had the current heating working well over the past few weeks.


Within the space of the last church fabric inspection, St. John's has had a brand new roof and a completely renewed heating system installed! We are all looking forward to seeing the Architect's face when he comes to do the next 5 year quinquennial inspection early next year and he has to answer the question - so has anything happened since the last inspection, 5 years ago?! The new system allows the choir vestry to be independently heated from the main church interior and the hall has it's own stand alone heating serviced and maintained by the same contractor as carried out the work to install the new system.

On behalf of the Fabric Committee we would like to thank all of you that gave so generously to fill the pot required to make both the roof and the heating projects come to fruition. No doubt there will still be some minor issues to tackle to make the heating become fully acceptable to everyone's satisfaction, but the mere fact that we have a fully insulated roof and a modernised fully functional, state of the art heating system, in place is the result of the pulling together of our incredibly strong church community. Many thanks for all your forebearance over the duration of the work.


If you require heating in the church, choir vestry or hall please let Christine Rees know the start and end times of your appointments and the Fabric Committee will be taking turns on a 2 monthly rota to endeavour to ensure the required areas are heated as requested.


One area of our church vision has surely been fulfilled and yet more is set to still be done.


Many thanks


Mike and the members of the Fabric Committee