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Book Club

Book Club meeting on 11th Nov 2014

We met on the 11th November to discuss “LOVE WINS” by Rob Bell and the book evoked a lively discussion.

Rob Bell he argues that God’s love is for everyone both Christians and non-Christians. He also writes about his concepts of heaven, hell and eternity.

We found the style of the book was very staccato, in that it had short paragraphs with lots of questions posed. Not all the questions were answered. However the book was easy to read, conversational and in parts poetic. We were not always convinced by his arguments and there were no footnotes in the book, so we could not check what he said. The author is a good communicator expressing his views clearly. It was not as academic as a Tom Wright book such as “Surprised by Hope”

Mostly we enjoyed the book; some of us only enjoyed it in parts.  Over all I would say that we felt it was a book worth reading. There is a copy available in the library.

Anne Pelham