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Book Club

Next meeting - 19th October 2016

The book we have chosen to read next is “The Lost Message of Jesus” by Steve Chalke

A fresh―and perhaps controversial―look at Jesus by one of Britain’s most respected Christian authors. Who is the real Jesus? Do we remake him in our own image and then wonder why our spirituality is less than life-changing and exciting? Steve Chalke―a high-profile visionary in the United Kingdom and an evangelical recognized not only by Christians but by the general public as well―believes that the real Jesus is deeply challenging. And each new generation must grapple with the question of who he is, because only through a constant study of Jesus are we able to discover God himself.

The Lost Message of Jesus is written to stir thoughtful debate and pose fresh questions that will help create a deeper understanding of Jesus and his message. It is an encounter with the real Jesus of his world―not the Jesus we try to mould to ours. (Taken from Amazon web site)

On the cover of the book there is the following comment by Tom Wright: “Rooted in good scholarship, it’s clear, punchy style makes it accessible to anyone”

We shall be meeting on the 19th October to discuss this book. There is still plenty of time to read this book before the 19th October.

Anne Pelham