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Book Club

Book Club - Next meeting 15th February 2017

On October 19th we met to discuss“The Lost Message of Jesus” by Steve Chalke and Alan Mann.

“The Lost Message of Jesus is written to stir thoughtful debate and pose fresh questions that will help create a deeper understanding of Jesus and his message. It is an encounter with the real Jesus of his world―not the Jesus we try to mould to ours”. (Amazon web site)

We had very wide reaching discussion as a result of reading this book We started our discussion with “Atonement theory” and it was mentioned that some people think Steve Chalke’s view of the Crucifixion as explained in the book is blasphemous.

There were specific parts in the book that people found helpful such as the explanation about the 10 Commandments, that they are not negative. They came from a God who was saying I am on your side, trust me. “don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t abandon me…..if you do it will unleash destructive powers destroying you”.  Others also found the explanation of the Beatitudes interesting and helpful. For some of us, there were also new facts in the book, for instance, that Rabbis could not forgive sins and therefore what Jesus did horrified the Rabbis of the day.

We then went onto a discussion about “Just War” about non-violence in personal and national situations. In the book there is an interesting suggestion that turning the cheek wasn’t passive it was pro-active because of the significance of not using the left hand.

 At the start of the book it does criticise the Church a lot, but it is from someone inside the Church. Most of the group liked the book, or at least parts of it. There will be a copy in the library. It is well worth a read.

The next book is “Bread not Stones” by Una Kroll published by Christian Alternative Books in 2014.  The book is Una’s auto biography. She was a medical doctor, missionary nun, a pioneer of gender equality and an Anglican priest and then a contemplative Catholic. We will meet on 15th February 2017 to discuss this book.

Everyone is welcome to come along to our very informal discussion of the book and of Una Kroll which will be at the Vicarage at 8pm on 15th February.

Anne Pelham