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Book Club

Book Club - 17th October 2017

We are currently reading:  ENOUGH by John Naish

Our culture keeps telling us that we don’t yet have all we need to be happy, but in fact we need to nurture a new skill – the ability to bask in the bounties all around us. ENOUGH explores how our Neolithic brain-wiring spurs us to build a world of overabundance that keeps us hooked on ‘more’. John explains how, through adopting the art of enoughness, we can break from this wrecking cycle. With ten chapters on topics such as Enough food, Enough stuff, Enough hurry and Enough information, he explores how we created the problem and gives us practical ways to make our lives better. (Published January 24th, 2008 by Hodder and Stoughton)

We will be meeting at 8pm on the Tuesday 17th October to discuss this book. The venue will be the Church hall.   Please do feel free to come along and discuss this book and surrounding issues.

Anne Pelham