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As part of your observance of Lent this year you could take out one of the books from our library here at St. Johns.

We have a selection of books relevant to Lent. These include, “When they Crucified my Lord” by Brother Ramon. This book is written as a lentern pilgrimage from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day. The introduction to the book suggests that you set aside 1 hour a day. There is a passage of scripture followed by a reflection and a prayer for every day.

Another book we have is “With Jesus in the Upper Room” by David Winter. The book invites the reader to spend forty days reflecting on five chapters of St John’s Gospel.  This book is also written so that it can be read as a reflection or study for each day in Lent.

Please take the time to have a look in St. John’s library, which is in the foyer. It has a very wide selection of books from novels with Christian themes, to books on prayer, bible study and poetry.

Anne Pelham