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A prayer for Gaza

On Christ the King Sunday we were thrilled to welcome Chris Rose, Director of the Amos Trust, as our preacher at the 8 and 10am services. The Amos Trust seeks to promote justice and hope for forgotten communities.  They partner peacemakers in both Palestine and Israel and endeavour to hear their stories, stand alongside them in their suffering and support their work.

Chris talked passionately about the current situation in Palestine and read to us a prayer he wrote for Gaza: 

A prayer for Gaza - 14th November 2012


God of many names, I cry out to you:

As the bombs pound Gaza again

As more children die,

And more and more will carry the scars and psychological wounds.

As medical staff try to respond with depleted stocks,

And numbers of casualties mount.

As the missiles fly against Israeli cities,

And fear and hatred grows in each community.

As political lies are fed us in sound bites,

And statistics become currency

In an equation over electoral gains.

As attempts to arrange a cease fire become more frenetic,

And world leaders try to justify the unjustifiable

‘Israel has the right…’

There is no right

It is all wrong.

I am sick of praying for peace.

The words stick in my throat.

I protest and march

Shout slogans and give and lobby and weep.

I want to know how many deaths are required.

How much less is one child worth than another?

How much hatred and fear do we have?

A just future Palestine

Is not a one sided call,

It is the only way

To end this cycle of shame and death.



Chris Rose , Director, Amos Trust

For more information about the Amos Trust or to support the work they are doing, go to their website at