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Seam Zone keeps Palestinian children in limbo


Every morning at dawn, Khalil wakes up and hurries to class. While his school is a mere 15-minute walk from his house, the 14-year-old boy has no idea how long it will take him to get there. The Israeli-manned Beit Yatir checkpoint, which stands between his house and Imneizil School, can turn the 15-minute walk into an hour-long wait.


“No matter how early I wake up, I always end up being late for school, which is extremely stressful,” said Khalil.


He crosses the checkpoint twice a day with another 17 Palestinian children aged 6 to 14. Each child has to line up in a chamber to pass through a magnetic scanner where Israeli security forces check every school bag and, sometimes, ask children to remove their shirts, citing security reasons.


You can read the full report, which is written by Catherine Weibel, Chief Communications Officer for UNICEF in Jerusalem, at