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Being concerned about global justice, peace and sustainability of our planet

Part of the Church Vision (see separate webpage) is to be concerned for the whole of Creation: passionate about global justice, peace and the sustainability of our planet. In particular, we aim to do the following:-

Promote an eco-friendly Church
Work towards a self sustaining, low carbon footprint, eco-environmentally friendly building.

Appoint someone to investigate and liaise with outside agencies and other churches.

Encourage individual responsibility to reduce carbon emissions.
Raise awareness about issues of global peace and justice and take appropriate action

Be globally aware, taking an interest in the news and other sources.
Identify suitable partners and support them in addressing issues of global justice.
Participate in national campaigns for just causes.
Continue links with missions, welcoming guest preachers to inform us.
Publish regular updates in St Johns News by our mission representatives.
Reflect issues of global justice in worship.
Foster Church unity.