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Community activities


Soulscape will visit Wokingham’s secondary schools, including Edgbarrow School in Crowthorne and most of the primary schools.  Our prayer space, PAUSE will run again for almost a week in Edgbarrow for the first time. We expect to meet well over 1,000 young people during these weeks.  OBJECT, our play and workshop which focuses on how pornography affects relationships between young people will also be delivered Edgbarrow School.


Mind the Gap, our program will continue to support Year 6 as they transition between primary and secondary school starts this term. We aim to help prepare the young people for their next step and help them feel confident as they start secondary school. One of our main focuses this term will be team building and 'getting to know one another' fun times on their secondary school induction days. These all take place in June and aim to help students feel familiar in their new school environment and with their new classmates. 

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