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Crowthorne Community Charter

As the new housing developments in Crowthorne pick up pace, CTC have arranged a series of dates for Christians to listen and pray together.  We will be thinking about some of the “challenges” facing our Community, particularly for vulnerable groups (young, old etc.) as leading up to the Crowthorne Community Charter Churches Workshop (C4W) on Saturday 12 November to be run by a consultant working with the TRL developers (Legal and General).


With day time sessions (following on from our regular Thursday Coffee Mornings) we hope this will suit more people.  We also hope that you will be able to join us at the Crowthorne Community Charter Workshop on Sat 12th November when we have our first chance to work directly with the developer on our vision for the future of Crowthorne.  (Please contact Janet Rogers for more details))

Dates for your diary – Prayer for Crowthorne / Community Charter

Tuesday evening: 11th Oct, 8th Nov, 6th December (8-9pm)

Thursday lunchtime: 13th Oct, 10th Nov, 8th December (12:15-1pm.  Arrive by 11:45am with 40p to grab a coffee/tea

Churches Crowthorne Community Charter Workshop (C4W)

Saturday morning 12th November 9:30-12noon

Janet Rogers (see attachment for contact details)