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If you are resident in the Parish of Crowthorne or a regular worshipper at St John’s and would like to bring your child up in the Christian faith, as a member of the Church, then please contact the Church Office about baptism. It may even be that you yourself have never been baptised and would like to make a Christian commitment – there is no age limit for baptism!

When: Generally the 2nd Sunday of the month during the main morning worship. 
The Service: The baptism forms an integral part of the Holy Communion service at 10 am. 
Font: After the sermon the ministers and baptismal parties gather around the stone font at the back of the church for the baptism itself. 
Small people: Children are welcome to gather near the font to get a good view during the baptism. There is Sunday school and a crèche available during the service. 
Donations: There is no charge for a baptism. During the service we will take up our regular offering for the work of the church during one of the hymns. Please contribute to the plate if you would like to. 
Godparents: All Godparents must be baptised and ideally confirmed. 
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Planning on getting married and hoping to do so with God’s blessing – a “traditional church wedding”? St John’s may be the place for you… If you live in the parish of Crowthorne, are on the electoral role of St John’s or have a qualifying connection with the parish then we should be able to talk business. Please contact the Church Office. 


Our Ministry Team is available to conduct services for funerals, either in the Church, or at the Crematorium. During the interregnum, this will be handled by our team of Licensed Lay Ministers.

The scale of charges for funerals and burials is attached. 

There are no available new plots for either burial or interment. Existing plots may be used for family members where appropriate. We also have a Garden of Remembrance where ashes may be strewed. 

Applications for new and modified memorials must be in accordance with Diocesan Churchyard Regulations and submitted on the Diocesan Application Form. Both of these documents are attached. 

The Church maintains a detailed record of over 3000 plots and memorials in the Churchyard. Berkshire Family History Society has also produced a CD with a wealth of information on memorials included photos of each plot. The Churchyard is divided into various areas – see the map and key below.  

Please contact the Church Office (Tel: 01344 773808) for more information.