New books in the Church Library

We have just had some more books donated to the Church Library. (The library is in the foyer behind the white board where there is a notebook to log any books taken out and returned.)

I would like to mention two of them that are particularly relevant at this time of the year, and both are well worth a read.

The first is “Stay Safe My Grenadier”. The author Stephen Pearmain went up into his loft and found an old suitcase with 500 letters in it, including postcards and photos. The letters span 4 years of correspondence from the trenches to and from the home front. They are letters that his great-grandparents had sent to each other during the First World War.

The second book is “A Man with a Mission” by Canon John Taylor. This autobiography is about John Taylor’s vocation to humane and practical ministry of the church. The book starts with his early life, then working as a lay reader with The Missions to Seamen in the UK and Hong Kong. After his ordination, he worked in Wales as a curate before becoming a chaplain for Missions to Seamen in Dar-es-Salaam and Thailand. On the fly leaf of the book, it says; “Canon John Taylor’s stories are shot through with humour and determination, and above all display his belief in a ministry with a practical message of love and help for all God’s children.”

Anne Pelham

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