Upcoming road works

From 25th March SGN will be moving the roadworks further up Sandhurst Road and then along Church Street and Waterloo Road.  This work will be to continue the installation of new plastic gas pipe which has been in progress during previous weeks along Sandhurst Road.  The below diagram shows each of the phases as the road works move through Crowthorne.

For phases 6/7, Church Street will be closed and therefore vehicle access to the Church will need to be via Dukes Ride and Waterloo Road.

When the work moves to Phase 8 (Waterloo Road) – expected on 15th April, Waterloo Road will be closed and access will be via the high street and Church Street.

This is likely to mean that parking will be severely restricted along Waterloo Road while the road works are in place. Parking should still be available along the back and side of the church on the unmade road but this will limit the amount of cars which can be parked near to the church.

We request that anyone who can walk, please either park further way such as the Morgan Rec and walk the extra 5 minutes to the church or seek alternative transport arrangements. Alternatively, parking is available at Heath Hill Surgery where there is a walk through to Church Street.  This will allow the limited parking at the church to be available for those who need it most.

When parking along Church Street (the unmade road) which runs along the back of the church, please park only on the church side as when parking on both sides this has been impacting the ability of residents to be able to access their driveways.

Thank you

Church Wardens

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