News from Embrace the Middle East – Winter Relief for Lebanon

The crippling economic crisis in Lebanon is having a devastating effect on many families, but particularly refugees. MERATH’s winter relief programme, supported by Embrace, is a lifeline for many, like Nour and her family:  

My husband and I are from Mosul in Iraq and we have three children. Our life back in Mosul was very normal and peaceful. My husband worked; I was at home with our two children. We lacked nothing. We were forced to emigrate when ISIS came to our area and we witnessed some of the terrifying things they were doing. My husband’s family is still in Iraq and we haven’t seen them for five years. Having to leave our country and my husband’s family was very hard for us. We can’t go back to Mosul because we feel it is not safe for Christians anymore. At first, things were good in Lebanon. We found safety here and work. But now there is little work and my husband’s income is barely enough to cover our rent. The church provided us with two blankets and a heater this winter, as well as a hygiene kit. We also receive food vouchers to help us get the food we need but food has become much more expensive.  

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