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Book Club meeting on 27th June 2017

On the 27th June we met and had a very enjoyable evening which included consuming some large, tasty strawberries, thank you Hilary.

We discussed “Heavens Morning” by David Winter. “This book explores the biblical teaching on what happens after death and considers the difference that can make to our lives here and now”.

At the start of the book, there is an interesting poem called “Final Flight” by C. Sheila Grundy which includes the following lines:

 “……How do I prove my worth? Passport, Bank statement, title deeds?......

……no laptop, phone or sweets;

Just follow the light.

Leave memories behind

but take humility, take firm belief……

……Zero baggage allowed.”

People thought the book was well written, not dogmatic. It was reassuring; it seemed to say that good people, including non-Christians are not excluded from heaven.

The author makes a lot of reference to the Bible and biblical knowledge for the basis of his ideas in the book. For instance in the chapter on Heaven in writing about judgement he says: “…and it is not possible to see this Jesus, in his promised role of Judge of the living and the dead, suddenly turning into a cosmic condemner. ‘The Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost’ (Luke 19:10), not to send them to the fires of hell.” and ”…There will be judgement … But everything we learn of our God all through the scriptures tells us that it will be judgement with compassion, insight and mercy.”

The chapters of the book include; Visions and metaphors (of the New Testament), Eternal life, The kingdom of heaven and Judgment. Such themes made for a lively discussion led by Hazel.

Quite a few people said that they were going to hang on to their copy and re-read the book. I think most people in book club would recommend this book. Do feel free to borrow the copy that will be in the library shortly.

The next meeting will be on the 17th October. The book is “ENOUGH” by John Naish which the Daily Mail says is “A liberating and wry take on the treadmill of modern life” and the Times said “Instructional and inspirational”.

Anne Pelham